Aashish Gupta

Aashish Gupta

Your fellow fundamentalyst

What is ‘The Fundamentalyst’¬†all about?

The fundamentalyst is your neighborhood friend, a guide, an alchemist, a preacher and a part of the very same society you live in. He not only is a manifestation of what you are but your most trustworthy help in lost times. Hi! I am your fellow fundamentalyst and in this blog I will talk about Technology and LSS (Life, Society and Spirituality). The two may seem completely unrelated yet one shapes the other. This is true specially in our times.

Technology space is changing faster than ever. It is changing as you read this. Making sense of this chaos is tougher than ever before. But you just can’t afford to be not aware. Tech is addictive, tech is mind-boggling, tech is anything and everything around you. You are living in an age where even your grandma knows about the next iPhone launch. If the complexity of the tech world haunts you and all the techies appear to be some cult followers, I will make things simpler.

Life, Society and Spirituality are the pillars on which rests the human race and is more complicated than technology. Technology is an application. Though the possibilities are endless but its implementation defined and hence can be easily learnt. On the other hand spirituality is abstruse. Each one of us writes ones own book, defines ones own rules, which gives rise to numerous societies, which in turn shapes our lives in different ways. In this chaos of varied permutations and combinations there runs a common thread of expression, which I will try to bring forth in this blog.